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Bearing operation is not smooth, first consider to solve these four problems

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1.Bearing accuracy is low, improper selection

Bearing accuracy is not up to standard or there are differences in the selection, because the machine can not meet the best operating conditions, will directly lead to the bearing heating solution: choose the bearing with the accuracy level specified by the official requirements.

2.Big Vibration

For example, the coupling alignment process does not meet the requirements, the rotor has dynamic and static imbalance, poor foundation rigidity, the foundation is empty, rotating stall and surge.

Some rotors in the process of operation due to medium corrosion or solid impurities wear, or shaft bending, it will lead to unbalanced centrifugal force, so that the bearing heating, vibration, raceway serious wear, until the destruction.

3.Insufficient cooling

Insufficient cooling is usually manifested as: pipeline blockage, improper selection of cooler, poor cooling effect, etc.

The fouling of the cooler of lubrication line will lead to poor cooling effect, especially in summer production.

Cooler scaling is serious, the bearing temperature is too high frequent alarm situation will be encountered in many production sites, the more effective way is the annual before the summer to the cooler pickling scale.

4.Improper installation

Improper mounting is another important cause of bearing heating. Because the correct installation of the bearing has a direct impact on its life and the accuracy of the main engine, it is required that the shaft and the center line of the bearing hole must coincide during the installation.


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