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1000 Series Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Bearing material:Chorme bearing steel GCR15 or GCRSiMn


rolling body: roller

brand: ZGXSY or as per clients needs

OEM service: available


Warehous quantity: rich

Delivery:2 days after received the advance

Cylindrical Roller bearings are designed to carry heavy radial loads and are suitable for high speed applications. The design incorporates separable inner or outer rings which simplifies assembly,dismantling, maintenance and inspection. Bore dimension range is from 15mm to 480mm. Available in F1 Traction Motor Precision.

Bearing No.(d) Bore Diameter(D) Outside Diameter(B) Width(C) Dynamic Load
(Co) Static Load
NU100525 mm47 mm12 mm14200 N13200 N0.08 kg
NU100630 mm55.000 mm13 mm17900 N17300 N0.12 kg
NU1007 E35 mm62 mm14 mm35800 N38000 N0.160 kg
NU100840 mm68.000 mm15 mm25100 N26000 N0.22 kg
NU1009 E45 mm75 mm16 mm44600 N52000 N0.26 kg
NU101050 mm80.000 mm16 mm30800 N34500 N0.310 kg
NU1011 E55 mm90 mm18 mm57200 N69500 N0.40 kg
NU101260 mm95.000 mm18 mm37400 N44000 N0.480 kg
NU101365.000 mm100 mm18 mm38000 N46500 N0.51 kg
NU101470.000 mm110.000 mm20 mm56100 N67200 N0.70 kg
NU101575.000 mm115.000 mm20 mm58300 N71000 N0.74 kg
NU101680.000 mm125.000 mm22 mm66000 N81500 N0.99 kg
NU101785.000 mm130.000 mm22 mm68200 N86500 N1.05 kg
NU101890.000 mm140.000 mm24 mm80900 N104000 N1.35 kg
NU101995.000 mm145.000 mm24 mm84200 N110000 N1.40 kg
NU1020100.000 mm150.000 mm24 mm85800 N114000 N1.45 kg
NU1021105.000 mm160.000 mm26 mm101000 N137000 N1.85 kg
NU1022110.000 mm170.000 mm28 mm128000 N166000 N2.30 kg
NU1024120.000 mm180.000 mm28 mm134000 N183000 N2.45 kg
NU1026130 mm200.000 mm33 mm165000 N224000 N3.75 kg
NU1028140 mm210 mm33 mm172000 N245000 N4 kg
NU1030150 mm225 mm35 mm194000 N275000 N4.85 kg
NU1032160 mm240 mm38 mm229000 N325000 N5.95 kg
NU1034170 mm260 mm42 mm275000 N400000 N7.90 kg
NU1036180 mm280 mm46 mm336000 N475000 N10.50 kg
NU1038190 mm290 mm46 mm347000 N500000 N11.00 kg
NU1040200 mm310 mm51 mm380000 N570000 N14 kg
NU1044220 mm340 mm56 mm495000 N735000 N18.50 kg
NU1048240 mm360 mm56 mm523000 N800000 N20.00 kg
NU1052260 mm400 mm65 mm627000 N965000 N29.50 kg


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