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  • Jan
    This batch of deep groove ball bearings is to be shipped to Egypt

    This batch of deep groove ball bearings is to be shipped to Egypt

  • Jan
    How do bearings always break? The solution is here!

    Keep bearings and their surroundings cleanEven if the invisible dust enters the bearing, it will increase the wear, vibration and noise of the bearing.Use the installation carefullyStrong stamping is not allowed, the hammer is not allowed to directly hit the bearing, the transfer of pressure through

  • Jan
    What is the function of bearing chamfering

    1. Bearing steel must have chamfering during rough machining before heat treatment, which plays a very important role in releasing stress, redistributing internal structure, avoiding crack and reducing deformation during heat treatment of materials. Chamfering can solve the problem of stress concent

  • Dec
    XSY Bearing team wishes you all a Merry Christmas

    XSY Bearing team wishes you all a Merry Christmas

  • Dec
    What you must know - bearing accuracy class

    I. dimensional accuracy (items related to shaft and housing installation)• allowable deviations of inside diameter, outside diameter, width and assembly width.• the allowable deviation of the inner circle diameter and the outer circle diameter of the roller group• allowable limit value of chamfering

  • Dec
    The bearings in amusement park

    let's talk about active bearings in a playground with lots of rides.A large turntable that shines at night. The largest large turntable in Japan is more than 100 meters high. Two bearings with a diameter of 1 m or more are arranged in the center of the slowly rotating large rotary plate. Such a bear

  • Dec
    Bearing operation is not smooth, first consider to solve these four problems

    1.Bearing accuracy is low, improper selectionBearing accuracy is not up to standard or there are differences in the selection, because the machine can not meet the best operating conditions, will directly lead to the bearing heating solution: choose the bearing with the accuracy level specified by t

  • Dec
    What are the characteristics of corrosion resistant bearings?

    Bearings operating in corrosive media. Stainless steel manufacturing, generally in the oxidizing medium, such as seawater, fresh water, water vapor and humid environment working bearings, or in a certain concentration of acid or alkaline medium working bearings, can be made of stainless steel (9Cr18

  • Nov
    Happy Thanksgiving Day

    Thanks all new and old clients for your support. Thanks all potential customers for your attention.

  • Nov
    Four warning stages before bearing failure, when is the best time to replace the bearing?

    The first stage, that is, the initial stage of bearing failure.At this time, the temperature is normal, the noise is normal, the total vibration speed and frequency spectrum are normal, but the peak energy and frequency spectrum have a sign, reflecting the initial stage of bearing failure. In this c

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