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What is the function of bearing chamfering

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1. Bearing steel must have chamfering during rough machining before heat treatment, which plays a very important role in releasing stress, redistributing internal structure, avoiding crack and reducing deformation during heat treatment of materials. Chamfering can solve the problem of stress concentration.

2 Chamfer remove burring, so that the product is not sharp, will not cut the user

3. Guide and position during assembly.

In general, the outer chamfering Angle of the bearing ring and the inner chamfering Angle of the bearing ring are both round angles. In addition to effectively avoiding contact stress, the most important thing is convenient installation. Rounded corners ensure good transition loading.

In particular, in the bearing process, the matching shaft and shaft hole positioning surface, that is, the shaft shoulder and bearing seat block shoulder part, the size of the chamfering directly affects whether the bearing can be correctly installed in place.

From the figure below, we can see that the chamfering Angle between the bearing box and the shaft is larger than the chamfering Angle between the bearing box and the shaft shoulder, and the chamfering Angle of the bearing must be larger than this arc to ensure that the bearing fits to the axial positioning surface.

As shown in the figure below, when the bearing chamfering Angle is smaller than the bearing box and the shaft shoulder chamfering Angle, the assembly cannot be put in place, which is likely to cause a series of problems such as stress concentration at the bearing chamfering Angle, assembly inclination and failure to match other matching parts.



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