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SKF launches new grease lubricator

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Compact modular design

Developed specifically for single-line lubrication systems, Lincoln SLC grease lubricator features a compact modular design that reduces the bonding surface and thus reduces the risk of grease leakage.

High pressure relief capability

The oiler is equipped with a spring-reset control piston with high pressure relief capability, compatible with greases with a viscosity up to NLGI 2, and operates reliably under harsh operating conditions and low temperatures.

Diversified selection

Lincoln SLC grease lubricators are available in two versions: SLC1 for 1 to 12 outlets, and SLC2 for 1 to 6 outlets. Both are equipped with BSP or NPT threads with corrosion resistance up to C3.Import and export accessories include metric and inch sizes.

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Wechat Offical Account of SKF China.

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