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What would the world be like without bearings?

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The treadmill belt moves quickly and steadily on a 12-kilogram steel bar, which is supported by four bearings that keep it moving at a steady speed. The rollers need to remain firm, ensuring that each time a runner's foot touches the belt, it can record the runner's stride frequency. With the help of a computer console, the desired speed can be set so that each time the foot hits the board, the conveyor belt slows down, and the driver works at the same time, which immediately counteracts the impact of the deceleration.


Under the rigid plastic casing of the tape measure, 26 parts work together, and a tight coil spring allows the tape measure to accurately measure data. At the end of the tape, a metal strip is attached to it, the length of which is equal to the length of the tape. As the metal strip is wound around the central axle, it becomes a powerful spring. The more the tape is pulled out, the greater the pressure on the spring.


The fishing line has an ultra light aluminum frame with 141 precision components. The internal stainless steel beads rotate around the bearing at a speed of 10,000 times per minute.


The balance design allows the yo-yo ball to be thrown and retrieved smoothly, and the yo-yo ball can be rotated online for a long time without slowing down. Between the inner and outer rings, there are 10 small steel balls rolling together, thus blocking the friction between the inner and outer rings.


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