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High Precision Bearing Adapter Sleeve H2 Series


Product Description:
A roller bearing having a tapered bore is mounted on a straight shaft using either an Adapter Sleeve assembly, or a Withdrawal Sleeve. Mounting a bearing on a sleeve also permits maximum flexibility in the axial positioning of the bearing on the shaft and can accommodate light locational thrust loads.
An Adapter or a Withdrawal Sleeve mounted bearing requires the correct reduction of Radial Internal Clearance of the bearing so as to prevent relative motion amongst the bearing inner ring, the sleeve and the shaft. Non-compliance with proper mounting procedures will invariably lead to hot running of the bearing and subsequently to it's premature failure.
Both the Adapter and the Withdrawal Sleeves have cylindrical bore and tapered outer surface, with threading on one side of the outer surface, and are slit along the length. While the Adapter Sleeve has the threading on the small diameter side of the taper, the Withdrawal Sleeve has the threading on the larger diameter side. Thus, the Adapter Sleeve facilitates easy mounting of the bearing, while the Withdrawal Sleeve is normally used to ensure easy dismounting of the bearing, hence it's name.

The Sleeves should be made from Carbon Steel as per established International Standard
Imported XSY Sleeves are manufactured from originally processed raw material (C20/C30) and machined in CNC machines to achieve the required machining accuracy and the surface finish, so that contact area is fully maintained to provide projected service life to the Bearing.



Adapter Sleeve H2 Series
No. Size(mm) Bearing Number Weight(kg)
d OD  d1ID B1 Width  d2 Cap diameter Spherical Bearing
H202 15 12 19 25 1202K
H203 17 14 20 28 1203K
H204 20 17 24 32 1204K 0.036
H205 25 20 26 38 1205K 0.064
H206 30 25 27 45 1206K 0.086
H207 35 30 29 52 1207k 0.12
H208 40 35 31 58 1208K 0.16
H209 45 40 33 65 1209K 0.21
H210 50 45 35 70 1210K 0.24
H211 55 50 37 75 1211K 0.28
H212 60 55 38 80 1212K 0.31
H213 65 60 40 85 1213K 0.36
H214 70 60 41 92 1214K 0.55
H215 75 65 43 98 1215K 0.66
H216 80 70 46 105 1216K 0.81
H217 85 75 50 110 1217K 0.94
H218 90 80 52 120 1218K 1.1
H219 95 85 55 125 1219K 1.25
H220 100 90 58 130 1220K 1.4
H222 110 100 63 145 1222K 1.8

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